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Intranet, also known as Corporate Portal is a secure local Internet network aimed to improve company wide efficiency, while fending off unauthorized users. The word consists of Intra (internal) + Net (network) = Intranet (internal internet), a cost-effective solution with full capability of expansion and customization to fuel the productivity of your organization.


Intranet integrates the communication and collaboration between teams and departments, allowing you the opportunity of considerably speeding up the overall productivity of your company. Intranet is built on a web and applications based environment and exists over a local, restricted, secure network. Intranet’s ultimate goal is improving the efficiency of your workforce with fluid communications across the company and, most importantly, minimizing costs. If that sounds like something you need, then Intranet is for you!


Intranet unites all functional, departmental communications and important business documents of a company into a single location, creating an eco-friendly, paperless environment feeding your staff with the latest news and announcements at all times.

Intranet establishes a safe and secure local internet where the access is given only to your staff and other access-granted individuals. The system allows you to efficiently handle back office duties while creating a smooth, effective communication channel within your company. Some features include:


  • Client / customer lists
  • Mission state lines
  • Branding guidelines
  • Competitive intelligence database
  • Corporate brochures
  • Press releases
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Calendars
  • Meeting room booking
DepartmentHuman Resources
  • Appraisal procedures and schedules
  • Employee policies
  • Expense and leave forms
  • Vacancies
  • Project timeline and details
  • Team contacts
  • Task management etc. in a matter of clicks
  • Information discovery
  • Smart search
  • Download and upload of useful documents


  1. Paperless office and streamlined processes that save you money
  2. Radical boost in terms of company wide productivity and engagement
  3. Instant publishing of company or department-specific news and announcement
  4. Convenient and centralized data sharing within your company and among employees
  5. Instant updating and announcing of company policies and upcoming goals
  6. Effective feedback gathering through intranet polls and questionnaires
  7. Project management and task management features
  8. Integrated mailing and chatting features allowing smooth communication among your employees


Although Sharepoint is one of the most widely used and readily available platforms, it has its own limitations. One of the most important aspects of the Intranet is having its ease of usability. This benefits your whole staff regardless of age or techno experience SharePoint lacks the ability to fully customize to make it suitable for all of your employees and may not have certain functions that you actually need. Our premium GO-Intranet offers complete customization and expansion, making it uniquely made only for your organization while reflecting your corporate image in its visual design.

GO-Intranet GO-Intranet comes with an extremely simple CMS with rich text editor, an ability to customize by departments, restrictions for certain pages and users as well as full support for any browsers. GO-Intranet, doesn’t require you to download nor install anything and offers the following common features in addition to the custom modules that you require: chatting, classifieds, live support, video conferencing, file sharing, personal cloud storage, emails, vacancy management and much more.

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