Why trouble yourself with trying to create a logo for your business that may not be effective and yield the results that you need? Are you looking for a professional logo design company in Jeddah that can design a unique and effective logo for your business? Do you need a logo design service that can provide a fast turnaround time and still maintain an affordable price? With GO-Gulf, it is possible.

  • International quality, ethics and a unique level of transparency.
  • We work strictly with internationally accepted design and development standards.
  • Technical support with a 24 hours response time helps us build long-term client relationships.
  • We Listen, Think, and then we do Work.
  • Our philosophy: Design structure first, decoration second. Simplicity is best. What really matter are results!
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Our logo designers follow the international standards of corporate identity building and have years of experience of designing high quality corporate logos for businesses from all over the world, catering to a variety of different niches and markets.

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When you choose to work with GO-Gulf, you receive a custom-designed logo that is tailored to the requirements of your business. Keeping the importance of branding in mind, our logo designers make sure that the logo you receive is effective in connecting with current customers and potential new ones while maintaining the philosophy of your company.


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Our unique and transparent logo designing process keeps you in direct contact with logo designers working on your project. You will be kept up-to-date during every step of the development process, giving you the chance to provide feedback to our professionals directly.

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You can contact us by phone, email or online instant messenger (we use Skype, MSN and YIM) and our excellent standard of customer service guarantees a response within 24 hours of initial contact. As your logo is being worked on, we will send the files that are created to you for review so that you can provide any feedback to the designers and detail any amendments that may need to be made.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we will endeavor to enhance your business in any way that we can. To find out how our logo design service in Jeddah can help you and your company, please take a look at portfolio and pricing pages.

How to Start?



Take a look through our portfolio to get a feel for our extensive skills. With more than 300 projects completed in 20+ countries since 2005,we can accommodate every type of business



Whether you're a small start-up with big dreams or a large reputable corporation with years of experience and sales, our packages fit any investment plan.



Submit an inquiry to our team right through our website. Within 24 hours you will receive a detailed proposal outlining time and cost estimates.



Enjoy direct contact with the developers throughout the duration of your project. Once it's complete, you'll receive 1 year of free technical support.